A downloadable game for Windows

A Wizard Jam 5 game based on the Important if True Episode, Fight Garbage With Garbage.

Arcade 2 Player Game where you need to get your recycling into your bin and remove as much garbage as possible from your plot of land (hint: give it to your neighbor, they won't mind...(they will))

Player 1 Controls

  • Move - WASD
  • Pickup/Drop - E
  • Throw - Space

Player 2 Controls

  • Move - Arrows
  • Pickup/Drop - Right Control
  • Throw - Right Shift

Currently there's no sound (I'm working on it!) and there's no menu or game restart... hopefully I can get something done soon.

UPDATE 27/06/2017

Have made some minor updates

  • Updated Timer to a full 60 seconds (up from 30)
  • Once game ends, pressing 'R' restarts the game

UPDATE 18/07/2017

Final Project Update Released

  • Added a Menu
  • Added sound effects and music
  • Ability to quit to menu at the end of a round
  • General Balancing of gameplay


Fight Garbage With Garbage_0101.zip 4 MB

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